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Simon is a miserable hotel worker caught in an existential loop. Will his work ever end? And what’s the point anyway?

Doomed to carry out the never-ending task of setting up a formal dinner table, he listens to self help tape 'Way of the Eagle' by dubious self help guru Bryan B. Cummings to find some meaning in his meaningless work.


With each forced renewal and repetition of his task, Simon loses more of his grip on reality, eventually ending up on the floor dreaming of being free as an eagle, only to be pushed back into the absurd cycle.

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 11.54_edited.jpg

Director's Statement

I was often struck by a sense of the absurd whilst at work and used this feeling as the starting point for this film.


I aimed to have some fun expressing the doom that can arise from existential thinking and explore the struggle faced trying to overcome it through the idea of self-help.

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